How to speed up your website ?

The trend of websites are increasing now a days. Everyone is using websites for many purposes likes own business, profile etc.
So big question is everyone ask after creating a site  that How to speed up my website ?

Today in this article i will tell you the step by step procedure to speed up your website.
Below are the list of main point to take care to improve your web page speed

  • Optimize Database
  • Use robots.txt
  • Enable Gzip Compression

Optimize Database
If you want to improve speed of site then database optimisation plays a important role.
How to Optimise Mysql data in Cpanal ?

cPanel > PhpMyAdmin > Select the Database > Select all the tables > Optimize & Repair Tables

Use robots.txt
robots.txt is basically used to block bot attacks.

How to use robots.txt ?

Just Add robots.txt File to block unwanted bot access (Create a file under public_html with name robots.txt )
with following contents
User-Agent: *

This will also block google crawl bot that you never want so to allow only the google bot to your site add following contents in robots.txt
User-Agent: Googlebot
Allow: /

Enable Gzip Compression
Gzip filter compress all the static files to maximize the performance and speed of site.
To enable Gzip filter go to cPanel > Optimize Website > 2nd Option > Save the settings

Thanks for reading this article in future we will meet with another important article about website/webhosting.
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